Self Care Ritual: Skin and Mind Revitalizer

Simple self care rituals can go a long way in boosting your mood any time you need a lift. This one will revitalize your skin, body, and soul.

Salt Scrub Recipe:


1 Cup Sea Salt

1/2 Cup Grape Seed Oil

15 to 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil (sensitive skin - go lightly with essential oils)

Mix in a bowl or directly in plastic container with a lid.  I reused an empty margarine container, if you prefer something prettier just make sure it won't shatter.

Optional: Use the lemon oil in a diffuser placed in your bathroom rather than using the oil directly in the scrub, again if skin is sensitive this is a great option.


Sit in your tub without water scrub your body except delicate areas like face and throat.  Be sure to include feet, hands, and even your scalp.  Grape seed oil is light and will shampoo out with one or two latherings.


Fill the tub and soak.  The salt sluffs away dead skin and stimulates circulation.  The grape seed oil will moisturize your skin as you soak.  The aroma of lemon will uplift your spirits.

Post Soak:

Be careful standing up as your feet and tub may be slippery.  If you don't mind the oil residue on your skin, you can rinse off under the shower rather than washing. Be sure to clean away any residual oil in the tub before the next bath or shower.

During the day, diffuse lemon oil in your home or office to keep your spirits lifted.