Home and Business Cold Weather Wellness Rituals

Coming in from the street on a chilly day makes us, clients, and co-works want to feel warm and cozy, which requires different rituals from the warmer months.⠀

Tea is an everyday ritual for me, and in colder months it becomes an all day ritual. Changing your tea selection is an easy way to adapt self care rituals and business welcoming rituals to the needs of the season. Even a simple mug of warm water to hold can be a welcome relief for cold hands and bodies.


Keep on hand Teas that sooth respiratory issues such as:

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat and Breathe Easy

Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support and Cold Season Tea.⠀

Teas with warming qualities:

Rishi Tea Cinnamon Plum, and Chocolate Chai

Numi Tea Chocolate Pu·erh, I love this one far too much, and Turmeric Tea Amber Sun

Coffee is always welcome

In winter I think the aroma of coffee become more important. I like to cozy up with my mug close to me as I drink it and take in the aroma. Personally I’m not a flavored coffee fan because of the sweeteners and chemicals in many flavored offerings. Cinnamon however is a flavor I love in coffee, it adds a little extra warmth, it even smells warm, and is completely natural.

If you drink and serve coffee look for varieties with chocolate undertones rather than chemical chocolate flavoring or add pure coco powder. Be sure to keep de-caff varieties for warmth without the nervous system overload.

If you use essentials oils try:

Ananda Apothecary Deep Forest, Purify, and Super Immune Blend. You can offer aromas to inhale in a small ceramic bowl of warm water to create individualized experiences. (using a bowl keeps it separate from your drinking mugs)⠀

Take a little extra time to Connect:

Cold weather can make many of us depressed, sad, sluggish, isolated, and just plain old unhappy. Take time to connect with friends, ask how they are, share how you are, have a laugh. Take few extra minutes to connect with clients and co-workers, a little friendly chit chat can do wonders to lift spirits and deepen relationships. Make connection a daily or at least weekly ritual.

Let in the Light:

Sunshine is warming and a mood lifter, make it a ritual to open your blinds and curtains and just take in the light when the sun is up. At work do the same, let in natural light when possible. In Yoga classes I try to let in at least a bit of natural light when I can.


Winter visualization rituals can focus on energy flowing freely through the body, as we tend to kind of clamp down and tighten everything up in the cold, and on healing imagery such as clear and healthy lungs.

If you are a Health and Wellness practitioner:

Offer services with with heat! It's perfect time for luxurious salon conditioning treatments under the dryer, warm oil and paraffin manicures, hand and foot treatments with warm mitts and booties. In the spa if you don't have a table warmer, use hot towels layered inside dry towels on each client's back.⠀

For Yoga and Meditation classes keep rooms at a reasonable temp overnight so the morning classes don’t turn people into icicles. If the yoga room is cold get people moving asap. For meditation a mug of tea or warm water can be held in both hand for warmth and serve as a focal point, a little yoga to begin with can gently warm the body.

When creating rituals for you or your business take a moment to assess how you want to feel, how you want clients and co-workers to feel, and build your rituals around creating those sensations and emotions.