Coffee Break Meditation

I love simple, calming, rituals that can be done most anywhere. On warm mornings I like to sit outside for this one, on cooler/winter days I try to sit near a window, but anyplace really will do.

Ideally give yourself a minimum of 10 minutes.

Hold a warm beverage with both hands.  Using both hands creates symmetry and keeps the hands from wanting to do other things.  I like to put a pillow on my lap and rest the mug on the pillow, this allows my arms and shoulders to be more relaxed.

Feel your breath moving in and out, stare softly inside the mug and notice how the liquid moves with your breath.  Feel the warmth in your hands.  As you bring the beverage to your mouth try to keep your eyes focused on the liquid.  Pay attention to the sensation of drinking.

Work on sitting still, holding the mug with both hands, and feeling your breath.  Allow your eyes to move from your beverage to notice nature or something soothing but keep them from bouncing around and engaging thought.

For me, it usually takes about 10 minutes to begin to feel a bit quiet settle in to my being.