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Home and Business Cold Weather Wellness Rituals

Coming in from the street on a chilly day makes us, clients, and co-works want to feel warm and cozy, which requires different rituals from the warmer months.⠀

Tea is an everyday ritual for me, and in colder months it becomes an all day ritual. Changing your tea selection is an easy way to adapt self care rituals and business welcoming rituals to the needs of the season.

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How to Charge What You are Worth

As an entrepreneur or service provider..., how to charge what you are worth is often a dilemma.  You don't want overcharge clients, but at the same time you don't want to underpay yourself.  So you go back and forth, I should charge this much, no I should charge that much.  You know it's true, we've all done it!

How to get over undercharging

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