Working with Pain Release Visualization

Someone posed a question about visual imagery and releasing pain during meditation. Visual imagery during meditation is so important. If a visual suggestion or image doesn't sit right, doesn't flow, my mind will obsess on that one image.

The question posed was about how to be comfortable sending toxic energy out into the universe.  The visualization of energy release is so important as the transformation of energy is what Yoga and Meditation are all about. 

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Home and Business Cold Weather Wellness Rituals

Coming in from the street on a chilly day makes us, clients, and co-works want to feel warm and cozy, which requires different rituals from the warmer months.⠀

Tea is an everyday ritual for me, and in colder months it becomes an all day ritual. Changing your tea selection is an easy way to adapt self care rituals and business welcoming rituals to the needs of the season.

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How to Charge What You are Worth

As an entrepreneur or service provider..., how to charge what you are worth is often a dilemma.  You don't want overcharge clients, but at the same time you don't want to underpay yourself.  So you go back and forth, I should charge this much, no I should charge that much.  You know it's true, we've all done it!

How to get over undercharging

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Offer a Jar of Meditation

If you keep a candy bowl handy for co-workers and clients, consider skipping the sugar and offer meditation stones instead.

River rocks are inexpensive and can be picked up in the floral department of your local craft store.

Holding a stone lightly in your hand gives your mind something peaceful to focus on. Close your eyes, feel the weight and texture of the stone,

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Mindful Ways to Decrease Neck Pain

Neck pain and shoulder pain are common and interrelated. Whether you stand, sit, or drive for long hours, most of us hold our neck and shoulders in strained positions for long periods of time, resulting in chronic stiffness and pain.  So what do you do when pain flares up?

In every yoga class I talk about how our bodies change from day to day and moment to moment. The yoga pose that worked for you yesterday, this morning, or last week, may not be the tool you need at this moment. 

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Yoga is a Practice of Radical Self Acceptance

Coming to the mat as you are is preparation for going out into the world as you are.  Yoga practice can bring up feelings of awkwardness, weakness, not being as good in some way as the person on the next mat, and not as far along in our practice as we would like to be. 

The true practice of yoga is to witness these thoughts and emotions and let them pass by, rather than being invested in them; to observe who we really are without judgement or expectation.

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